The exciting part, where we discuss what you need and the best way to capture it. To us, this is the most important part of the process. This is where we all sit down and decide what video type will work best for your company and the steps required to capture it.


We like to work closely with our clients to deliver the right content. Before we start filming, let’s get together and talk about what you’re after.

Deciding the best steps to take, based on your business strategy. Where will this video be used, who will view it and what do you want it to achieve.

This is where you tell your story and make your content decisions on paper – this will save money in the long run. By having a script, the entire team is on the same page and capturing the right content from the very beginning.

The storyboard is your visual script. See what happens where, when and how your video will eventually look.

Do you want to film at a particular location? We’ll go and have a look, see if it’s suitable for audio and lighting, and arrange any filming permits.

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