The wisdom of experience, the energy of a start-up


A passion for filmmaking perfected over twenty-eight years of producing the widest range of corporate, government, online content, community, TV, advertising and event presentation videos, has equipped us to exploit the full potential of these new and evolving technologies, cutting through the noise to deliver outstanding and impactful videos.


Want an eye-catching series of graphics to illustrate your company metrics?  All that and more, in 2 or 3D is daily fare for our highly skilled and imaginative animation and graphics team who welcome a challenge and deliver the visually compelling sequences that make your production stand out from the crowd.


Post-production describes the exciting and expanding range of digital tools and techniques that combine in creating an outstanding audience experience.  From editing, sound design, titles, grading and more, KG provides a full post-production service.


Through discussion and exchange we quickly develop a grasp of our clients’ brief the key elements to include in their video.  We then tailor a concept, outlining components such as voice over, interview, filming style, post production and distribution, while describing how we would use and combine them to most comprehensively engage their intended audience.  

What is the best way to target my audience? Strategy is so important in today's ever changing world of broadcast and online media. When talking with the team at KG, we work with you to ensure that the content of your video is considered, authentic to your brand and effective in delivery.  

For corporate, government and community sector staff designated or likely to engage with any branch of the media at any level, learning how to manage these interactions to maximum advantage with minimal risk of misrepresentation is essential.  With extensive and varied media experience, we empower our clients to deliver effective and convincing responses in all media situations from ‘doortstops’ to full studio panel discussions.

Clarity, rhythm and variation, tone of voice, genuine involvement with the subject and the feeling that along with the audience, the narrator is discovering and relating a fresh and original story are all essential components of a good, professional voice over.  

Feeling, looking and sounding yourself when you’re staring into the glassy eye of a video camera can seem a daunting task. But even if it’s your first encounter, it’s certainly not ours and having helped all sorts of people through the auto cue process on countless occasions, we know how to instil a sense of ease and comfort that allows you to deliver the performance you want and need.  

With our experienced and meticulous operators, high resolution cameras and top quality lenses we produce excellent still photographs of whatever you need to capture on whatever print or digital platform you specify.