On-Camera Training

Master On-Camera Confidence with Kine Graffiti

Want to radiate authority and captivate your audience on camera? Kine Graffiti can help! We’ll equip you with the skills to present yourself like a seasoned professional.

Empower yourself with a personalised 1:1 ‘Confident On Camera’ coaching session with Josie De Sousa-Reay.

With over a decade of industry experience both in front of and behind the camera, Josie will expertly guide you to master your on-camera performance. From delving into important technical aspects like framing, lighting and audio, to learning about impactful non-verbal communication, vocal delivery, professional appearance and performance techniques, our personalised 1:1 coaching session will ensure you are prepared and confident every time you’re on camera!

Develop Your On-Camera Presence

Command the Frame

Learn framing techniques and flattering camera angles to project confidence and expertise.

Shine Your Light

Discover lighting techniques that flatter your features and enhance your message.

Master the Mic

Gain valuable tips to ensure your voice resonates clearly and powerfully.

Body Language Magic

Understand how posture, gestures, and facial expressions can elevate your impact.

Find Your Voice

Develop vocal techniques to project authority and connect with your audience.

The Power of Appearance

Learn how to dress and style yourself for maximum on-camera impact.

Hone Your Message

Discover ways to effectively deliver your message.

Performance Techniques

Develop tools to combat nerves and perform confidently to your audience.

Post Production Tools

Simple editing techniques to increase audience engagement.

By the end of this program, you’ll be:

  • Confident and comfortable presenting yourself on camera.
  • Equipped with the skills to effectively engage your audience.
  • Able to deliver presentations that are polished and professional.

Kine Graffiti and Josie De Sousa-Reay can help you unlock your on-camera potential. Let’s get started!

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