Event Video Production Melbourne

Event Video Production Melbourne

Do you have an important event coming up soon? A high quality video is a great way to capture your event, while attracting new clients, speakers and delegates for your next event. At Kine Graffiti we offer event video production throughout Melbourne.

If you have ever planned an event before, you’ll already known most attendees like to have a reminder of their experience at the event. We aim to produce professional event videos that encapsulate the most relevant moments from your event, including speakers and performances. Whether you are planning a significant conference or you require a light hearted video to capture a fun occasion, we can tailor event video production for any Melbourne business.

Our team of highly experienced and passionate filmmakers will endeavor to create an event video that can be easily shared via email and social media or uploaded on your company’s website. Do you need a creative video production for your Melbourne event? Contact Kine Graffiti today to get a quote.


Whatever your needs, we’re your partnership driven one stop production shop.


From concept to completion, bringing your ideas to life in video.


Listening discussing, responding and refining; our path to your ideal video concept.

Our practiced and polished pathway to completing your video.


Stylishly and persuasively delivering your video message.

The skills of experienced professionals delivered and evaluated in authentic media encounters.

How we match effective words to arresting images in telling your story.

Select from our wide range of experienced and effective male and female talent.

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