We are
Kine Graffiti.

In 1992, after a long stint at the ABC and commercial TV, Rui De Sousa was ready to take his producing, filming and editing skills to a new arena, and founded Kine Graffiti.  Rui wanted to create a video production company that would help get his clients noticed in the emerging digital world through engaging, entertaining and informative video content. 

Rui and the Kine Graffiti team have produced thousands of videos for corporate, government and private sectors - both national and international - as well as business' small and large, many of which work with us to this day. Now in it's 28th year and still thriving, Rui heads up the business with daughter, Josie, who is Kine Graffiti's Producer. 

Did you know? Kine Graffiti is derived from Cine Graffiti, the latin words for 'Moving Pictures'. Pronunced: Kin-ee Graffiti